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These are all genuine testimonials we have recieved from many of our returning customers

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and M.E 6 years ago. It got to the point where I couldn’t go out and my sleep pattern was non existent.  A few people told me about the benefits of CBD oil, but being extremely anti drugs I refused to even entertain the idea. It wasn’t until I spoke to the team at CBD-Scotland that I realised this wasn’t a drug. The team spent a lot of time explaining what it is, the benefits etc. They also did not try to sell me the most expensive mod to use it with, so I knew I wasn’t just getting sales patter. I started using the CBD oil and within days I noticed a difference. I don’t have as many flare ups, it helps relax my muscles (which brings the flares on), and I have slept like a log. I still have flare ups and I still sometimes struggle with my ME, but the difference between now and then is night and day.” – Mrs Manclark, Inverurie

“I have used all the strengths from all the vape liquids; 100mg, 200mg, 500mg, and i have found that the 200mg and 500mg work best at easing the bouts of pain I still get from old surgeries.” -Mr G Forbes, Ellon.

“I’ve been using some of the CBD e-liquids for a while and i’ve found they help me sleep better at nights which is great.” -Mr R Duncan, Hatton.

“After a serious car accident, I have had years of problems with arthritic bones. I started using the CBD oil from the guys at ScotlandCBD and found that it was very benifical. It has managed to get me off the plethora of painkillers I was using. I am a great fan of the pro-shot as it is so convenient to use, one squeeze into a soft drink as and when I need it.” – Mr A Ross, Glenrothes

“I have used 200mg CBD for my knee over the past few months. I have had reoccurent pain and swelling after it being operated on two years ago. CBD helps deal with the pain and has removed the swelling giving me more movement in my knee.” -Mrs Adams, Portlethen

“I have started using the pro-shot liquid for my sore hips. I like it so much that my mother has started using it as well!” – Ms Bridger, Aberdeen