Pro shot Beverage Enhancer was initially developed through a frustration at the lack of fitness focused CBD products on the market.

We then realised we had inadvertently created the most versatile, most easy to use CBD supplement on the market!

CBD Pro shot can be added to absolutely anything, whether it be your post workout shake, water, coffee, food, anything you desire. fantastic after a hard work out!

22 x amplified CBD


25 servings.

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CBD Pro Shot is Europe’s first fitness industry focussed CBD product. It is one of the most convenient forms of CBD consumption. This is a liquid concentrate the same principle as diluting water with flavouring – eg Robinsons / Kia Ora etc

Simply squeeze for 1 second into a drink of your choice for the ultimate CBD enhancement.

  • Cutting edge CBD supplement
  • 22X Amplified CBD
  • Full spectrum terpenes
  • 25 concentrated servings

Ingredients: Water Soluble CBD, Terpenes, Purified Water

Pro shot really is the go to product if you want a tasteless, easy to use CBD product that has absolutely no limits. Perfect for post workout recovery or just to implement CBD into your diet, it’s as simple as adding a one second squirt into anything you desire for the ultimate CBD enhancement. CBD Pro Shot is designed for people who want to get the full range of benefits, without missing a beat!

Equivalent of 25mg CBD per serving and can be used anytime in the day like a regular CBD supplement. All our CBD products are derived from industrial hemp and contain 0% THC, third party lab tested and they’re completely organic, 100% safe & legal to consume. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!


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