Tinctures and drops aren’t the only way to try CBD. See below our range of Water Soluble CBD, CBD Repair Balm and CBD Muscle Rub

CBD Pro Shot

Flavourless and water soluble, a convenient form of CBD consumption. Simply squeeze for 1 second into a drink of your choice for the ultimate CBD enhancement.

CBD Muscle Rubs

An Alternative to Vaping or Drops. Muscle rubs are designed to target the affected area and go deep to the core when applied.

CBD Creams

An Alternative to Vaping or Drops. This body butters and moisturising creams are an all body CBD Based moisturiser working to repair skin and surface area’s.

CBD Softgels

An Alternative to Vaping or Tincture. These powerful CBD Softgells are edible versions of the tincture form where they go through the stomach and then into the bloodstream.