Confusion exists regarding the various terms involved with CBD oil and Cannabis oil, and with products containing CBD becoming increasingly prominent, more people are wondering if CBD oil is actually legal. The issue can be confusing as CBD is a legal supplement, but comes from the cannabis plant which itself is a controlled drug which has psychoactive effects.

Marijuana is the breed of cannabis which contains THC. This is the chemical that produces a psychotropic effect known as a “high”. Conversely, hemp is the breed of cannabis which contains CBD (cannabidiol) which is non-psychoactive.

CBD is a natural hemp plant extract and is a non-intoxicating substance without any psychoactive inducing properties. There are very low levels of THC in CBD oil but at less than 0.2%, this will not have any effect.

In the UK, the Home Office stipulates that industrial hemp can be used for building materials and clothing, while CBD oil can be sold in the UK as it is a legal cannabinoid.

CBD Oil is thought to have medical qualities which help to relieve inflammation, reduce anxiety and provide relief from pain, although there have yet to be sufficient scientific studies to conclusively prove this.

In July 2019, the UK Home Secretary announced that medical produced derived from cannabis would be legal for patients with “an exceptional clinical need”, however as yet no official start date has been announced for this policy.

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