CBD oil is a concentrated version of the CBD compound, usually derived from hemp. It will not give the user the same ‘high’ as THC, but there are nevertheless health benefits from taking it, as increasing amounts of research show.

Through a review of scientific articles on CBD’s effects, it has been found to have similar effects to that of anti-anxiety medication.

For example, a 2013 study in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that CBD could produce a range of benefits including “acting as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent”, meaning it could be utilised as “potential medicine for the treatment of neuroinflammation, epilepsy, oxidative injury, nausea, anxiety and schizophrenia.”

Some experts, however, have stressed that more information is still required, as many of the research trials showing benefits in these areas have been small, and there is still need for more data. However, it is correct to say the using CBD oil for anxiety and depression relief is a better solution than using marijuana. This is because CBD has a good safety profile and offers far fewer negative side-effects than the THC compound. Numerous studies and an accumulation of evidence from experimental and clinical studies suggest CBD has anti-anxiety properties, which may be beneficial in the treatment of various anxiety-related disorders including Panic attacks, OCD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and mild to moderate depression.

Researchers in Brazil who conducted a study of patients with general social anxiety discovered a significant drop after consuming CBD, with brain scans showing cerebral blood flow patterns showing an anti-anxiety effect.

Results from animal studies have also begun to show how CBD affects the brain, and human studies are beginning to show the compound’s effectiveness as treatment for anxiety. Given the large costs in both financial and social terms of increasing levels of depression and anxiety in the modern world, there is a potential in CBD products to have a significant part to play in reducing this.

The World Health Organisation states that there is no harm associated with the use of CBD, but again further research and evidence is required before they can endorse its use as a medicine.

CBD oil has been shown to be successful as an anti-inflammatory product, and it is because of this that it can be utilised as a means of combatting anxiety and depression.

These disorders are not generally regarded as inflammation, but the field of research on what is known as the ‘cytokine’ model of cognitive function is exploring how inflammation may cause anxiety disorders.

Studies have found that CBD may reduce anxiety by affecting the parts of the brain involved in anxiety.

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