Our most popular CBD-based product, these can be used with most vape kits available on the market. As you are inhaling the product, the effect is instantaneous. Unlike nicotine containing E-Liquid, you would use this far less, and on an “as you need it” basis. A few puffs can go a long way. If you are looking for a device for your CBD vape liquid click here to view our range.


Our entry range of CBD liquids containing 100mg CBD isolate per 10ml bottle.

CBD Infuse

CBD Infuse are our flagship liquids. High in PG to enable multiple strengths and carrying a plethora of flavours, these liquids really pack a punch!

ALC Hemp CBD E-Liquid

ALC Hemp CBD a brilliant 200mg vape liquid that most people started off with. It can be placed in almost any vape device with ease and it’s flavours will make sure you cant get bored of them.

CBD Vape It

These e liquids complete our ‘it’ range. Available in two popular strengths 500mg &1000mg and 3 winning flavours, natural with terpenes, fruity & cool.