CBD Pro Shot is a liquid concenrate which you would ideally add to your choice of soft drink, a 1 second squeeze is all that’s needed. This is particularly suitable for athletes and people who work and play hard! This product is endorsed by World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall, as well as Pro MMA Fighter Alex Montagnani.

CBD Pro Shot

CBD Pro Shot is Europe’s first fitness industry focussed CBD product. It is one of the most convenient forms of CBD consumption. It is the exact same principle as diluting juice that we all know and love . Simply add a 1 second squirt of the concentrated Pro Shot into your favourite soft drink and you have a CBD infused drink . It is flavourless and will give the CBD hit you require in a convenient form.  This product is selling FAST so there may be a small delay when you place your order.

CBD Pro Shot. Endorsed by Eddie “The Beast” Hall – World’s Strongest Man and Deadlift master.