You may have seen lots of chatter recently regarding CBD usage before-during-and after exercise. Lot’s of fitness influencers and gyms are beginning to promote it to better your workout; or ease the pain afterwards.

Bear in mind that each person’s tolerance when taking CBD will be different, meaning that one person using the same amount as another, won’t necessarily offer the same results.

Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids, which were actually named after cannabinoids – as the medical community found cannabinoids before finding endocannabinoids. You may have read about these in one of our previous blogs, but these compounds work with the receptors of your brain to regulate energy, balance, brain function, appetite and inflammation (and more).

It has been found that physical activity, including running on a treadmill, raises the level of a certain type of endocannabinoid called anandamide (AEA) – otherwise known as the ‘joy, bliss and happiness’ molecule. CBD is also known to increase AEA – meaning taking CBD could potentially reduce discomfort associated with exercise.

Growing muscle

Our bodies don’t naturally grow muscle as we have catabolic hormones that break muscle mass down. CBD supplements could help a person to accomplish their muscle building goal, as it could lower the number of catabolic hormones in the body.

Weight loss

CBD is essentially the opposite to the THC that features heavily in the cannabis plant, meaning that it doesn’t make you want to eat more. The product has been shown to help regulate a person’s blood sugar levels, and when these are lowered there is less fat-storing hormones produced by the pancreas – so less fat is stored.

This works similarly to those with anxiety issues, this can cause problems and throw off cortisol levels. If the cortisol levels are too high or low, this could end up with some unpleasant symptoms – including weight gain. CBD can also work to help regulate the levels of cortisol, helping with both weight loss and anxiety.


You’ve probably heard before that CBD supposedly helps with pain from injury or medical issues, but it’s also said to work with inflammation from workouts.


We all want a good sleep the night before or night after a strenuous workout, and CBD is said to be able to help with that. A good sleep is also a key factor in helping a person lose weight and build muscle. If you aren’t sleeping well, that’s telling you that your body isn’t functioning properly – which makes it difficult to burn off energy and build muscle in the right way.

Please note: Although there are multiple widely discussed benefits, there is no medical research to back that this is 100% proven to work for you. Please be sure to carry out research beforehand on the right type and amount to use if you wish to go ahead with this.

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