We are ScotlandCBD, Scotland’s largest retailer of high quality CBD products. Our website services customers all over the United Kingdom and Europe.

We only work with top brands selling genuine pharmacy grade products, we are authorised UK vendors of Natra, CBD X, CBD Infuse amongst others. We can supply all CBD based products from drops and tinctures, to vape products and powders/isolates. We are an authorised reselller of CBD Pro Shot.

We are able to provide full advice on all products we supply, such is the confidence in our knowledge of the range.

The Hemp oil extract in all our products is organic.


CBD is a natural product derived from Hemp, it has been long established that Hemp and other Cannabinoid plants can provide significant health and other benefits. CBD Oil is an entirely natural extract from the Hemp plant, and is widely used as a food additive in many countries.

Whilst our products have many health benefits, they are not medicines and will not cure any ailments, so we do not advertise them as such. They will not get you high, and are a safe and legal product to be enjoyed by all.

The THC (the part that gets you high) and other psychoactive substances are virtually non-existent, meaning you can use these products at all times.


CBD products appear to be particularly effective in the relief of symptoms of many medical conditions, such as: Arthritis/Chronic Arthritis, Back & Joint Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer amongst others.

It can be taken in drop form, vaped (inhaled), in powder form that can be added to food stuffs, or as a liquid concentrate (CBD Pro Shot), that can be added to your favourite soft drink.

Although these products have been known to provide temporary relief from these ailments, we always recommend consulting with a doctor before using CBD Oil instead of any prescribed medicines.